Thursday, January 31, 2013

Focus Question.
What is meant by “lesson development using technology?”
Lesson development refers to all activities that teachers do as they create, teach, and evaluate lessons with students. Lesson development involves a teacher’s decision about three elements of teaching lessons.
            (1) Academic Content
            (2) Teaching goals, methods, and procedures
            (3) Learning assessments
Lesson development using technology involves how teachers use electronic resources to facilitate these processes.
                                                    Phone Credit to Paolo Cappelletti

Chapter three starts off on focusing on the three important lesson developments. It is essential that the teacher knows what to teach. Every time they teach, teachers make choices about the facts, concepts, ideas, skills and understandings they intend to share with the students. After the teacher decides on what to teach, he or she will decide the teaching goals, methods, and procedures they will use in their classes. Teachers combine goals, methods, and procedures into formats for daily learning. Finally teachers need to know what students have learned. Learning assessments should occur before, during, and after teaching lessons. All of these developments are extremely important. Meeting educational standards is just as important in the educational field. Every teacher must make decisions about what to explore in detail, what to teach more broadly, and what to mention in passing. Curriculum frameworks and learning standards guide your choices of “what to teach” to make sure you are meeting those educational standards. On the other hand test assessments help you to understand how to asset and evaluate all learners. There are two basic assessments. The Norm-reference test and the Criterion-Reference test. Chapter three finishes off by talking about incorporating technology in performance assessment. There is a chart presented in the book that includes discussion questions, performance tasks, and a technology project. The technology projects really would have students engaged with the program PowerPoint which is an important tool to be able to use now-a-days.

Tech Tool Link
The tech tool link that I checked out was “RubiStar”. This Website allows for teachers to create their own rubrics. The Rubistar system provides a set of templates to choose from. The website is quick and simple. You must log onto and click on Rubistar on the right hand side. Once you have done that you scroll down to the bottom of the page to choose your topic template. There are templates for virtually anything, such as: Writing, Math, Multimedia, Science, Music, and much more. I would defiantly keep this site in mind when it comes to creating my own rubrics!

This is a excellent video that creates a twenty first century learning environment that combines technology and online going developments to help gain student achievements in the classrooms. This video is all about teaching and using these technology's proficiently. This video can be found directly on the website.

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  1. Rubistar is a great website for teachers to use and rubrics themselves are valuable assessment tools - I'm glad you found it helpful. You have provided a good summary of the content and focus question, but definitely try to increase the reflective piece in your blog - less concerned about rote answers here than how you view the content, what use you might have for it and whether you have had any experiences in the past or think of how it might impact the future, etc.