Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photo credit: Glen Lake
My experience during my EME2040 online class has been extremely informative and challenging at the same time. I haven’t always been the strongest when it came to computers and electronics but after taking this course my knowledge has increased greatly. The skills I have gained from this class are skills I can actually use in my classroom someday. I have gained knowledge especially in critical thinking, communication, and technology/ information management. I really enjoyed creating the weekly blogs which allowed me to become engaged in the chapters as well as learning how to embed videos and hyperlinks. Blogs aren't something I was familiar with until I took this online course. The reflective posts allowed me to read others responses and look at different viewpoints. I enjoyed responding to others posts and getting feedback from others as well. I really debated on whether I wanted to take EME2040 online or on campus but I ‘m overall very happy that I chose to take it online. It has allowed me to work at my own pace and explore on my own. The videos were extremely helpful in giving guidance on how to do the bigger assignments. For the future I would defiantly recommend this course to others who need this course. Creating lesson plans, wikis, blog sites, power points, etc. are all skills I can use in my future classroom. This class has really opened my mind in seeing how advanced the world we live in is actually becoming. Technology is rapidly being incorporated into the classrooms. According to our textbook Transforming Learning With New Technologies "Computers are no longer stand-alone devices that sit on desks or in labs. Lightweight, ultraportable laptops and powerful smartphones provide teachers and students with anywhere, anytime learning opportunities." I would say my overall favorite assignment was creating the teacher webpage ePortfolio. Using the website Weebly made the project simple but gave the overall finished product a professional look. I’m really looking forward to have my own class one day, and this class has been a great step in the right direction!

Barney is a classic Elementary show that was a favorite when I was a child. This is a video that shows a positive school/ classroom environment which is what I will strive for as a teacher!

Maloy, R. (2011). Transforming learning with new technologies. Boston: Pearson.

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  1. It has been fun to watch you develop and learn over the semester - both during times of frustration and times of success. It likely takes both of those elements to really create change as most true learning doesn't happen easily. So, there's still more to learn, but hopefully, you feel like you have a solid foundation from which to begin more in-depth and advanced learning. I do hope you remember how technology can transform learning when you start writing your own lesson plans! :) Good luck and best wishes in your future classes and your future classroom!